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The most thrilling word based game you would ever play.
Code Junkie is based on keying in displayed keywords.

Thrilling And Exciting

The most thrilling word based game you would ever play. Code Junkie is a game based on keying in displayed keywords. A good way to learn and improve your spelling while having fun.

This game, is designed for people with a quick impulse and a sharp mind. If you have a photographic memory and quick fingers, then you have found your new addiction.
On each game phase, you are required to key in the displayed keywords. The keywords and your input keyboard will sometimes move, change in transparency, size and colour. All these, in order to create a gripping sensation which should leave even the more advanced word game player feeling challenged.
So stay sharp and rank up on the timejuice and on the points.
Your game progress and points are automatically saved, so you don’t have to worry about losing your points or having to start afresh.

Do you think you have quick reflex or impulse and your photographic memory is top notch? Well let's put that to test.

Game Elements:

1. Timejuice.
2. LifeSpan.
3. Time count down.
4. Workload.
5. Score/Points.

Game Play:

Word typing based game. The aim of the game is to try to beat the game, by staying alive and accumulating points.
The higher your score, the tougher the game play.
The initial timer starts at 25 seconds by default. Your aim is to earn as many points and as much timejuice which will keep you going unto the next phases; this is achieved through keying in the right words. If you run out of time, some timejuice will be added to the timer.
If you run out of timejuice when the timer counts down to 1 and still have some lives, +1 of your lives will be converted to some timejuice.
You have 5 lifespans to start with, as you keep on playing you earn more lives based on your workload.
Your workload is calculated based on the amount of work done; in other words, phases completed successfully.
Workload is the green bar on top of the game status display unit. Once it fills up, +1 will be added to your lifespan.

Target Audience/Users

1: Enjoy playing word based games.
2: Learning English words.
3: Children, to improve their spelling accuracy.
4: Improve photographic and visual memory.
5: Stimulate their brain's processing power and response.
6: Improve IQ.

What is coming next?

Yes, there are lots of interesting features currently in works now to make the final game version more thrilling and fun to play. The features will mainly focus on the gaming experience and some of them includes:

1. More level and difficulty.
2. Leadership board.
3. Social interaction and sharing of scores on social media platforms.
4. Rank; players can move up ranks from Novice to Master Code Junkie.
5. Multiplayer: Players can play with 2-4 player in a game room.

Known Bugs

1; After completely keying in a keyword, the game does not move to the next phase.

Temporary solution: Pause and quit, and start again. Don't worry your game is automatically saved and you will continue from where you stopped.

Sorry about this bug, it will be fixed soon.

Call for BETA testers.

Help make Code Junkie a greater and fun game to be played and enjoyed by everyone.The purpose of publishing the Beta version is to collect early user feedback and also track and fix any possible bugs while heading toward the final version. Please help and make the game better by playing and leaving feedback using the provided link below.

What is BETA testing?
Beta testing is the process of making a product available for testing by real customers in their real environment prior to it's release.

Why do a Beta test?
For us the product developer, testing helps us achieve a higher quality product and improve customer satisfaction. And for you the customer, beta testing offers a unique and exciting opportunity to be a part of the product development lifecycle and help improve it.

What to do, to participate?
Anyone is welcomed to participate. It is simple and fun, just download and play the game for as long as you desire. When done, just complete the survey below and join our Google Plus Community to connect and share your experience with us and other Beta testers.

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